Friday, February 2, 2007


Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Like promised, Im writing again.This article was on a blog and as I was surfing, I thought why not share? Heres the article.Its about Bhai Tarsem Singh Ji(UK).Really great personality just by looking at his face you can know.

Bhai Tarsem Singh (Warwick, UK)

If you dont know Bhai Tarsem Singh ji, then you will most definitely know his website which he created. SikhiToTheMax is a revolutionary Gurbani Searcher website which allows Sikhs all over the world to have access to Gurbani. Theres transliteration and translations available and a brilliant search engine to search it with. Everywhere he goes, he receives acclaim and siropas in mark of his achievements. He's warmly welcomed at many AKJ programmes around the UK - whether he is on stage or not. He always helps where we can - online or offline. His contribution to Sikhi is great and his pyaar and shardha for others is immense.
I had always heard about Bhai Sahib ji from other people and had seen and heard is keertan. We met Bhai Sahib ji for the first time whilst attending a programme organised by some youth in the East Midlands. Afterwards, there was an amrit sanchaar organised and the panj pyaareh walked into the darbaar sahib. i looked... then i looked again. And it was Bhai Tarsem Singh ji as one of the panj. I will never forget that moment.

I was in total awe of such a pyaaraa Gurmukh.Heres some keertan from him...


I really didnt know about Bhai Sahib untill reading about this.Theres another Gursikh, Ill share that another time.

Right, thats one.Another update is, I FOUND VIDEO OF BHAI JEEVAN SINGH JI DOING KEERTAN AND BHAI RAMA SINGH JI IS IN THE SANGAT!I really love Bhai Jeevan Singh Ji alot, and i hope one day, Guroo Sahib will teras kar on this morakh and meet Bhai Sahib.

Heres the link to the site:-

Go to aboves link and click on the program dates.Its all there.What else......

Well thats all, anyway since I made this new blog and deleted the Multiply account, alot of our friends are askin me about the Multiply site.Really sorry, I deleted it without telling anyone.Please pass around the message that this site will be update regularly.Thanks.

Thats all for now, Cant wait for Amritwela program.
Bhul Chuk Maaf!
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

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