Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back and Back Home!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Im so very sorry for not postin on this blog.Its been like so many months since iv come to this site really.

Life has been very busy for me,where by studies(well maybe not that much into it), but mostly gurdwara programes have been interestin and really enjoy going there.

Well, life is the same old borin stuff.I was back last Friday and uhm..well im going back to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow lol.Aint that lame.LOL

Any way, Im tryin to progress in Sikhi as much as possible, as its still hard and it gets even harder every time you try somethin new.

Well thats all i guess i havent got anythin hot and spicy to share with ya all.Just that, please pray for me would say so and best of luck to others in the Sikhi Marag.See ya all then.Tc.

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Its been so borin for me since the Sant-Sipahi Camp ended..Yes SSC:> was an amzin weekend off with the sangat simran gatka and etc.Realy missin em..YEa will be updated as soon i get my usb wire lol..mean while have alook at some pictures from another singh

Iv been wastin my time really..sittin at home doin nothin..and everytime i plan to use my time wisely or may i say mind change and some other work comes in between..Feuuu...its hard really..

And thers some new members on Flickr which i added and i love all of thier u go the link . Its veerji taranveer singh and phenji simran kaurs.Have a look really wicked pictures:>

Ne ways, theres gona be some program in Gurdwara tomorrow whereby some yatra group from SIngapore are gona visit our Gurdwara here.So its interestin really.Cant wait lol..its like a whole bus full ahaha..

OH well..gota go now neeed to read up some books..Take care all..

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh Ji

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Wassup all hope everyones fine and in cardikala.Im back again from Kuala Lumpur to Home sweet home.Its been so so long since iv bloged and it seems theres much to catch up with.

Kuala Lumpur is fine for the programs i mean kekeke not the people there:P.Its pure kaljug there.Iv seen alot and im stayin in kaljug.Well only me know wht i talk about.

There are few programs thats gona take place in few weeks.Iv got around 2 weeks holidays.After that im back to KL.

Well il just stop here now.Dont really know wht to talk about.Take all.

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh !

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back Home!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Firstly, let me apologise for not posting for SO SO SO LONGGGGGG...Sorry:).

Im back from my college,as i just finished my mid-sem exams, and im on a one week holiday, but not much like a holiday since iv got reports and assigments which are due next monday.

Alot of events havent taken place in my life for the long period mentally, spiritually and all the -llies you can think of.LOL.Im not makin sense am i?

Life is hard seriously, and iv just relise how the Sikhi marag is hard.Like its written in Anand Sahib

Khanio Thiki Valo Niki, Eth Marag Jana ||

Its really so hard to be on this Marag, unless one has Gurkirpa, which is the most essential requirment one need to be on this marag.

Well, stop talkin about me, many rubbush has taken place in the Panth.Yea you know what im talkin about, the Sacha Sauda culprits.I could'nt belive my eyes when i saw hiw such an idoit that person could be,dressing up like Guroo Sahib and doin stuff which are manmat.Rabh Bhala Karey on this people.

Samagams are comin up.Thats the only good thing about staying in Kuala Lumpur, SAMAGANS! and its Gurkirpa im learnin Gatka.I really wanted to be good in Shaster vidyia, just to make sure i know a bit of gatka here and there.Really big blessin.

Oh well, ill update more later.Iv gota finish some undone work and when im done im still not gona blog unless im really free.LOL..Iv changed :P

Oh well tc, see you all soon

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Monday, April 30, 2007


Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!!

HELLOO SANGAT JI!! lol right im been over excited really.Its been 2 weeks since iv return home because im doin my diploma in Medical Lab Tech in Mahsa Bangsar , Kuala Lumpur and iv been stayin in a hostel.

Oh god what can i say, hostel life is BORIN! there isnt anythin to do.Its just so so borin.But thank God theres Vidyala near by and i might start goin to the nearby Gurdwara with other punjabis.It would benefit us all.

Any ways, theres been alot of even that was held since i was in Kuala Lumpur.There was Amrit Sanchat, Akhand Paths, Keertan programs all around.Its amazin really.

The other day, we had Vaisahki celebration and they had rotiyia makin competition and i took part in the event.LOL. This is so funny man.Well i think there was about 6 of the guys and all made thier rotiyia.It was real fun for me ahaha.Really enjoy the programs, and yea not to be egoistic but me won the competition LOL because....I cook rotiyia at our local gurdwara and at home ahaha.SO it was kinda unfair for the other guys.If we dont count me in, Harjinder veerji should had won the competition really his rotiyia was soft try postin the pictures here.

Home sweet home really!Iv been missin home made food cause for the past 2 weeks iv been eatin only Bihun and Keaw teow and made ma own vege sandwich lol and i was feel bored with the food too.Ne ways, when i get back to the hostel we would order for gas and start cookin rotiyia and dhal:>.

Well iv taken some pictures would post them on the next post.Im really sorry for not postin for such a long time due to the fact its hard to find a cyber cafe here and theres no PC at the hostel.Well, that all for now, im been really talkin alot lol.Bye

Bhul CHuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Out For Studies!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Wassup all!Hm..right ne ways ahah..Im going to go to Kuala Lumpur and imgona be there for 3 years, cause im gona be studyin there.WHOOO HOOO!! Well im gona do ma diploma in Medical Lab Technology which is in Mahsa.So now i dont know if i would blog more often or not, but i sure will be bloggin not just that often.

Im going on 2.30pm bus today.Then im gona go to Vidyala(Niketan) cause theres gona be Amrit Sanchar there and im gona take some pictures and theres more program which im gona take more picture LOL. Anyways, see you guys very soon.Ill let you all know how im doin once i get there.Classes startin this Monday.So gota register!

To all Gursikhs Gurmukh Pyarey! Vasahki Diyia Vadanyia Jio! May Guroo Sahib bless everyone with Gursikhi jevan, Naam , Bani Bana and AMritwela!So thats all for now.Tc

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Up Comin program ji.Theres gona be a Akhand Keertan Samagam in Gurdwara Sahib Kampar.Details are below

Date : 27 April 2007
Time : 6.30pm to 12am
Venue: Gurdwara Sahib Kampar

All those who could please attend, please come and join the Sangat Jio.Below is the poster,which i took with ma handphone camera lol.

See you all there.Gurkirpa will try to make it.
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!
P.S.The poster is wicked:>

Sutera and Guroo Hargobind Sahib Ji

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

I was havin really hard time thinking on a topic to write. So this sahki came in mind. This sahki was told to us by Baba Ji in his room.

Ne ways heres the sahki.Sutera was a Gursikh during Guroo Hargobind Sahib Ji.He lived on up to the 10th Nanak, Guroo Gobind Singh Ji.He was a very masti Gursikh.He was abandon by his parents when he was small at Guroo Sahib door due to some disease.

So heres the sahki.One day, a sikh was doin his Nitnem.It was Rehras path.The line came "Gaven Tudnu Pavan Pani Basenter Gaveh Raja Dhram Duarey" and Sutera was there.He said somethin which I dont really recall and the sikh was angry. He was thinkin it was wrong to talk when someone is doin path and this guy is distractin me. So, he thought lets tell this to Guroo Sahib and Sutera would be punished.Guroo Sahib loved Sutera alot.So when they went to see Guroo Sahib, Guroo Sahib asked Sutera" Why did you disturb the Gursikh when he was doin his path, you distracted him?".Then Sutera gave this answer.” If he was readin gurbani with concentration, my word would distract him". His words made Guroo Sahib smile and it made sense.When one is readin gurbani, concentration should be on Gurbani.

The second sahki was this.One day, seein the love between Guroo Sahib and Sutera, a sikh got jealous. He thought, today im not gona let this guy pass thru the guards.SO when Sutera was to go into the Darbar Sahib, the guards said," You dont have the Guroo permission to enter the Darbar Sahib!”Hearin this, he tried snikin in, but was to vain.So he already know that Guroo Sahib wouldnt do that its the guards.So he played a very good scene i may say.HAHAH.He got a cloth, added some stones in em and tied them and carried em on his head.When he came to the guard, they said the same thing.He then replied," Oi cant you see, im carryin gold coins for Guroo.It offered by some one".Hearin this, the guards thought twice and let him in.When he was in, he put down those beg and in front of Guroo Sahib, did parkarma and did matha thek.The all knowin Guroo was so stunt.Guroo Ji asked Sutera," Hey Sutera, whats going on?You usually do my parkarma and matha thek me, but now, you doin this to the stone!?".Sutera with a smile on his face replied," Saceh Patshah, im doin this, cause if it wasnt for this usless stones, i wouldnt have your darshan!".

That was just amazin man.The sahki was very nice, aspecially when a Gursikh tell em.Im sure you can judge what kind of person Sutera was.Very lovin and mischievous, ahaha.I hope this story really gave you some lesson.It did indeed help me alot,and i hope more sahkis could be shared.

Take care all.
Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Back Home!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Wassup all! Hope everything is going on fine there!Im back home as you can see lol..It was a wonderful weekend at Cheras and at Niketan.The journey and the staying was havoc HAHA.

Our jatha did keertan at the IYC samagam.Actually I bought the cds which was sold there.Its nice.

Im really missing Baba Ji now.I had to come back on presure from home.Haiz.Hope i could have his darshan and sewa some day again.Any way heres a picture which was update at some website.Its a latest picture of Bhai Jevan Singh Ji.He looks better than the older picture.Gurkirpa.

Ill upload some picture by tomorrow.Now me got to do some stuff.See you all.Sorry for not bloging oftenly.Its really hard to update aint it?

Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Karma Guy

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Wassup all hope everyones doing fine with Gurkirpa.Ne ways, today was an interesting day.8.30am i took my Nana to the private hospital on Penang island.He had some vain problem it seems.So we went to meet Dr.Murali.He was an interesting doctor with interesting personality.

The most amazing thing about hims was, he had so much respect for Sikhi.He said, among all the religion,Sikhism is his favourite and the most practical religion in the world.

So then he was askin ma Nana something.Then this words came out,"Heros are not born, but are made.Who are heros?Those who have total Fear of God are the heros.Those who dont,are just devils!".Isnt that interesting??LOL

The next best thing was his karam.Waheguroo.He has visited Guroo Ram Das Darbar, and stayed there for 3 days while he was studying there.How lucky can a person be and his a Hindu.Being a Sikh, i myself havent got the kirpa to visit Guroo Ram Das Darbar.It was really mind blowing.That very moment, all soughs of thought came into ma mind.How great You are!You the only person that can really change plans.Plan the best dress to wear to go meet your soon to be husband!change it 3 times, first he was breathing and after waiting for you, he sleeps thru a silent death!

Lifes not what we plan it to be, but just a game.We are puppets of God,He makes us do and think.Hes just to bored up there..kkeke Sorry Guroo Ji..LOL.well, He made the world He has the right on what to do.

"Hukmay Andar Sabh Ko,Bahar Hukam Na koe-a"(Japji Sahib)

We are just under His hukam.So lets pray that Guroo Sahibs has mercy on us:)(He always does).

Ne way, ma daily life updates.Im going to Kuala Lumpur AGAIN!!ahaha this is ma second trip in this month:P.Theres keertan program there.Ill take some picture and do some Duniavi shoping:)ahahah.Bus leaving at 9.15am.So ill see you guys again.If i dont update, im no more here.So bye:)

Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Play The Game Of Love

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh

Wassup all! LOL really sorry for not updating the blog,its been busy this few weeks, and still busy will be off with all this soon.Heres an article i got from an email.Its a lil long, but i would suggest that everyone takes their time and read it right..


Play the game of love and rise above the worldWe live in a world where we are looked at, laughed at, teased at and harmed by others but we as gursikhs have to rise above that. We have to rise above this pain, we have to rise above this influence, we have to rise above this world and remain dead to it; where pain is seen as pleasure. Where influence from others does not corrupt us; where we always please God and not any other.

Our love has to be projected towards God, where pain, torment, hurt is seen as a blessing from God as this suffering is seen as a medicine; a cure in life. Where fashion, possessions, media does not influence us as everything deterring from God is seen to be nonsense. This is all just a materialistic world; a fantasy, a dream, a game. This is a test to see if we would follow Guru Ji・s footsteps and never pay attention to public opinion. A test which will leave trails of suffering in the world but virtuous gifts in the hereafter or instead live in this dream and realise the happiness was just a figment of our imagination and experience torment in the hereafter.Sikhs always tend to get picked on, by their keski, clothes or appearance from manmukhs. They do what ever they can to please them but not even realising the disappointment given to God. If one has taken amrit and soon turns their back to Guru Ji, they have surely not even realised the commitment, the burden they have put upon themselves when they gave their head to Guru Ji. Realising the wrong doings and committing them is worse than not understanding at all. Once you choose a path, there is no turning back. Just how a train goes to its destination, if it follows a particular track, there is no turning back.

nwnk rivAw hB Qwie vix iqRix iqRBvix roim ]2]
O Nanak, He is pervading and permeating all places, the forests and the meadows, the three worlds, and every hair. 2

If we give up our keski, wear fashionable clothes, jewellery, remove hair, in which Gods light abides, just to impress others; we are living as a slave to Manmukhs. We have drawn ourselves completely into this dream. We have become detached from God; we have been forgotten in Saach Khand but we have satisfied the manmukhs. Everyone living in this world does not depart with us. There is no true friend, family or sibling; they will all soon turn their back on us. This is when the realisation of the departure we had of God comes to understanding.

hwr for kMkn Gxy kir QwkI sIgwru ]
I am so tired of wearing all these necklaces, hair-ties and bracelets, and decorating myself.

Why aren・t we tired of trying to impress the ones that have the same noose of death tied around their necks as we do around ours, that are under control of the creator, so why do we search to impress the creation and not the creator? These Manmukhs that we are trying to impress have hurt us, shown no compassion, careless of understanding our beliefs though all of a sudden due to our fear we abandon God for these Manmukhs, which will surely drive us to hell at the end. Why do we turn our back on the one who actually loves us for another who has given us pain? What kind of strength, authorities have we exposed there. The result: influenced by manmukhs and we end up suffering the same fate as them. What virtue would we receive then? Strength, fearless and courage comes from Naam whereas, weakness, fear and cowardice comes from following manmukhs.

ijMdu vhutI mrxu vru lY jwsI prxwie ]
The soul is the bride, and death is the groom. He will marry her and take her away.

If we fall for these Manmukhs which are controlled by the five demons and Maya, we will without doubt be wed to death at the end and he shall take us away, but if we rise above this world, now, then we have the chance of being married to God. The true marriage is at the time of death. Death shall be our husband or God shall be.

vwlhu inkI purslwq kMnI n suxI Awie ]
The bridge to hell is narrower than a hair; haven't you heard of it with your ears?

Will we care then about this manmat once the messenger of Death comes and pulls us by our hair and drags us to the very thin bridge across hell? No, we will be repenting, wailing, screaming; our mind will not care for this jewelry, bleaching hair, cutting hair, wearing beautiful garments, styling hair but will be focused on the horror seen in that world which is unseen to us now. We will unquestionably see reality there and this will wake us up out of this dream state we are living in now, but it will be belatedly by then, yes too late, too late to jap Naam, too late to do any type of seva to help others and ourselves and especially too late for anyone to hear our screaming and request for forgiveness and to even save us, as can be done on earth by Guru Sahib jee from this beautiful suffering in this world. Suffering is the cure not happiness. If we have to suffer to be Sikhs then so be it. A Sikhs life is made difficult not easy.

PrIdw ikVI pvMdIeI KVw n Awpu muhwie ]1]
Fareed, the call has come; be careful now - don't let yourself be robbed. 1

We have to remain strong in this world, so never let the five demons steal away that life of a Sikh. This is a hellish world but this will only come to understanding if we rise above it and have distinction from everyone. We will see there is no difference from hell and earth as we are not playing with the delusional pleasures in this world. We have to remain dead to this world. We have to see the truth and to never get influenced by faulty. We may keep the appearance of a Sikh but the inside may be full of filth. They will no longer be compatible with each other and the weakest will fall out of place. If your Naam is prevailing it can combat the 5 evils. If your false mind is dominant you will fall into the hellish, horrific, horrendous world.

ibnu sbdY Awcwru n ikn hI pwieAw ]
Without the Shabad, no one achieves a lifestyle of good conduct.

Shabad is the Naam and with this, one will become fearless by fearing God 24/7, and all suffering will be seen as the will of God and therefore it shall be accepted by us. At the end and even now Naam will be there to help us, save us, and there to transform us into a Khalsa. We have to Jap Naam at all times. In this way our mind can no longer waver, no confusion can take place. We will never be blinded from a veil covering the true existence in this world. Remember to focus our mind on God because if a false thought comes to mind we would think before we act, before making the mistake which can alter our life entirely. The rightful conduct has been given to us through the teachings/rehits of our Guru Jee and his Sikhs:

dwVHw muC isr kys bnweI ]
hY ieh idRVH ijh pRBU rzweI ]
myt rzweI ju sIs muMfwvY ]
khu qy jg kYsy hir pwvY ]80]
The hair moustache and beard are created within God's order. How can those who violate their natural form by cutting their hair ever be accepted by the Lord?.


surmwidk iSMgwr nihN nihN pr qrunI sMig
Do not wear make-up or jewellery. Do not commit adultery.

Remember the true meaning of what Guru Ji has given us, do not give it up for a mere shell because we always reap the fruits we sow. We don・t live here for a long time, this life would pass by as a dream. What use would those possessions be then, they would be left behind but the only thing which can stay with us is the gift of Naam. This is the most precious gift anyone can receive and one is a fool if they give it up to impress others. Who do we rather be; a lion or a sheep; where each sheep follows each other, following the same path leading to agony in the end, or a lion; fearless, and follows the laws of nature, thus following the laws of our Guru Sahib Jee.

If we want to play this game of love, rise above this world and remain dead to it. Never pay attention to public opinion. It will finish us.

jau qau pRym Kylx kw cwau ]
If you desire to play this game of love with Me,

isru Dir qlI glI myrI Awau ]
then step onto My Path with your head in hand.

iequ mwrig pYru DrIjY ]
When you place your feet on this Path,

isru dIjY kwix n kIjY ]20]
give Me your head, and do not pay any attention to public opinion. 20

To read the whole shabad of the Gurbani lines shown above, here・s the URL:

I advise the sangat to read the whole shabad, as it gives a better understanding of the Gurbani lines given above.


Its really interesting.Please spare some time and read the email.Ill try bloggin more.For now i need to trim the grass in order to bribe ma dad to let me go for some Samagam in Kuala Lumpur aahaha.Thats all

Take Care
Waheguroo Ji Ki Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Flash Backs..

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Firstly, I really have to apologies for not actively bloging.Its been really busy and will be busy for this couple of months.

Lately, Iv was thinking about my past. How I came into sikhi and what sikhi was back then. Well let me write a little on what really happen, right?

Well, it was just 2004 when Malaysia had the Aman Peace Celebration and there was a Nagar Keertan.I haven’t been to a Nagar Keertan, as I could remember. The environment was amazing. It was held by the Niketan Jatha, celebrating the 400th Prakash Dihara of Guroo Granth Sahib Ji.

Back then, I used to have interest in Gatka, but didn’t know a thing about its history and etc.So when we were there (ma cousin sister and aunty), the first thing that really attractive was Singh’s with Dumalla (It was Bhai Sahib Daljit Singh, Jarnail Veerji and some other gatkai singhs).I keep on staring at them, how they were beautifully dressed in Bana.Then was their Gatka! It was AMAZING!!I followed them for the whole Nagar Keertan.

After that, everything finished and we went home. In my short memory, I could flash back how the Singh looked.Bhai Sahibs face was really glowing. Then, the next week, we were in Kuala Lumpur again, for the Gurmat quiz. I don’t know if that was Guroo Sahibs way of bring me into Sikhi, but the quiz was havoc.

After the quiz (which our Penang State got 3rd ne ways), we were excited and lazy. BUT still we had to go to the Gurdwara.I remember they were having the "Learn Gatka in 7 days" is not mistaken. I really wanted to join em, but unfortunately, couldn’t cause we were staying far far away HAHA.So then, after paying respect to Guroo Sahib, we went down. In the langgar hall were some singhs and singhnia, practicing gatka.Amang em all, there was this singh, dress in Bana and with a beautiful dumalla.I was really amazed. I couldn’t keep my eyes of that singh, he was playing gatka and was havoc.

So then, that was my starting point of Sikhi.When I came back, I tried tying a dumalla, and I started doing Nitnem.Even though I should say, Sikhi that moment was different from now, cause your new and you tend to get excited with things.I was really strict with thing. At that moment, was my turning point. I enjoyed spiritually allot and my sangat changed.

But then, as months and days pass by, you tend to get distracted by Maya.Im really lost now, kekek and that’s the truth! I would really love to have that same feeling for Guroo Sahib, like how I used to have. Which was amazing.Guroo Sahib always blessed, like things which I don’t know that time, was happening to me and things which I later got to know doesn’t happen?

Guroo Sahib is simply really great and wicked.

Well that’s all I would like to share really. These are my current thoughts on Sikhi.Updates on my life, IV AT LAST MADE UP MA MIND ON WHAT TO STUDY!!!!AHAHAHA!!Told this to Rasvinder and he was shocked cause I don’t really make up ma mind ahaha.This week theres Akhand Path at the local Gurdwara.Then next week, were are heading to Cheras for the Cheras Vasahki Samagam.

Again sorry for not updating because imp currently really really busy with somethings here. Well take care all.

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Friday, March 16, 2007


Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Sangat Ji, really sorry for not posting for such a long time.Its just that im really busy doing things around here.

Apologies to the sangat again, cause im suppose to upload the Zip picture files from the Sant-Sipahi Camp.Iv been trying from yesterday, but still it isnt uploading onto the net.Please have patient im trying my best.

Any how, congratulation to all brothers and sisters out there, who scored with flying colors for the SPM examination.Our singh here,Rasvinder Singh scored with flying colors, WE ARE HAPPY FOR YOU:P.LOL.Now we have to see him going for studies :<.HAHA.Ok sorry, being to busy body right.

Anyway, the camp was really havoc.Really missing it and cant wait for the next camp.Now it feels really boring siting at home, doing nothing.

Iv just downloaded some videos from the Manchester Samagam.ITS WICKED!

Oh Yea, pictures from the Sant-Sipahi Camp are up at and soon to be uploaded at

Hope you all enjoy.and Singh84 please be patient kekeke.Ill upload em as soon as the connection gets better, which i dont know when.LOL

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sant-Sipahi Camp 2007

Waheguroo JI Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Sangat Ji, heres the pictures to the Sant-Sipahi Camp.Thanks to Picasa now i can put it online for downloading.Hope everyone enjoys it.Ill try to make it abit more fun whereby ill upload the pictures with some caption.Anyway,ENJOY!

Sant-Sipahi Camp 2007

Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Back Home!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Yes, Im back home.Home Sweet Home!Its been an amazing weekend having Sangat of Gursikh and Sadh Sangat,Akhand Path,Keertan and Katha.

The Sant-Sipahi Camp was amazing to.Those who missed it,dont worry there will be more camps.The environment was what should I say,WONDEFUL and kinda suffering:P.Haha.

It was up on a hill.The weather was really cold and chill.The water for bathing was HAVOC!!! Its like water with a dozen block ice in it.LOL and when you shower youll feel numb.It was amazing.Ill let you all know my own experience and what went on in Vidyala(Niketan House), doing santhiyia and etc.

For now, Im trying to upload the picture from the camp.Really sorry, theres no recording this time, cause my recorder was out of service.KEKE.Well ill try getting it from some one and post it on the net.Thats all.

Take Care.
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Friday, March 2, 2007


Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Sangat Ji, i wont be updating this blog for about 10-11 days.Ill be in Kuala Lumpur the whole week.Since theres Sant-Sipahi Camp so we are going there on March 9th.Anyhow take care all.Good Luck.

Guroo Ang Sang!
Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ki Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Samelan Pictures!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Sorry sangat ji.Iv got complain that some of the visitors couldn't download the Zip file.Now ived brake em up into 3 parts like Ravinder veerji suggested.Hope everything is better now.Please do leave your comments if theres any difficulties

Album One

Album Two

Album Three

Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Puratan Reinsbhai

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Reinsbhai is the time, for us to feed our soul and to take the full laha of Sat Sangat.Iv personally know some diffrence of the Puratan times and our present time Reinsbhai.Heres an article which was posted on the forum by some singh.
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I have heard that during puratan rainsbai Kirtan, Sikhs who performed the Kirtan and Tabla sewa used to prepare themselves before attending the rainsbai program by spending extra time in simran and learning the deep translation and Padd & Chadd of shabad to be performed and followed the life style according to the shabads.

During kirtan, Kirtaniya just closed the eyes and facing toward Sahib Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, did the Kirtan keeping fear and love of Guru Ji on ground (no stage). Kirtaniya repeated the each line of shabad in very clear voice so that shabad abides in all the sangat's heart and made sure that Vaaja and tabla did not become so much loud that sangat did not listen to the shabad. Kirtaniya spent quite a time in simran, did the simran in such a manner that all the sangat could participate for longer duration. Sikh doing tabla sewa also sung along with sangat and performed the sewa in rhyme.

I heard that once Bhai Sahib Randir Singh Ji was doing simran in Kirtan, suddenly stopped using the Vaaja and become silent and then everyone in the sangat started doing simran with Sas Giras for over 1 hour, there was complete silent in the sangat.

After kirtan, Kirtaniya tried to hide from comments from sangat and Sangat was also so wonderful they just expressed themselves without speaking even single word.

Now it is all different, we all know what has been done these days.
Its true that the keertani that does keertan should always do khoj of the shabad,so that we understand the meaning and when we sing Keertan, our mind and heart becomes one and the Shabad would effect the listener and us.

In this modern day, i know of one keertani that does this.Just one , but im sure theres more but just Gupt.When we hear keertan sang by them, our mind becomes relax, and that a sign our Atma is receiving its food.

I personally do keertan once a blue moon, but dont do all this.I would really like to try doing this.Bhai Jeevan Singh is one puratan keertani that i would say really leaves an effect on my life.I love hearing him sing Keertan and nowdays I hear Bhai Sahibs keertan alot.Keertani like Bhai Avtar Singh Ji, whos popular for Gurmat Sanget is another example.I personally havent heard of Bhai Sahibs keertan but have heard how it leaves impact on some people.

Bhai Harpreet Singh is another wicked keertani.He is a set example for our modern keertanis to come.My friend once told me, you really have to listen to Bhai Sahibs keertan, cause i dont really hear Bhai Harpreet Singh much, but do love his keertan.After hearing Bhai Sahibs keertan, the same feeling of which i had after hearing Bhai Jeevan Singh Jis keertan was amazing.

Iv also heard that Puratan times, there were no time setting like this keertani does for this this hours.Im sure they still follow somewhere around the world, but not here.Here time is very precious for some.LOL.

Well thats all i guess.Iv spoken to much.LOL.Hope to have some Reinsbhai here some day.I have only went to one Reinsbhai and that 3 years or so back.It was amazing, but i didnt understand the true meaning on Reinsbhai Keertan.Maharaj Kirpa, hope more keertan programs to be set.

Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Its been really boring here.No programs etc.Its just normal routines, and i really cant wait to go Kuala Lumpur this weekend.Hope Maharaj does kirpa,cause theres Akhand Path there, then Baba Ji is there, so its gona be a wicked weekend.Then i need to go to some college and register.

Anyhow, theres been some interesting stuff which is going on here.Its better to keep my lips sealed.LOL.

Well thats all for today.Iv ate to much Gulab Jamon my mom made LOL and its not sweet dont worry kekek.

Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Monday, February 26, 2007


Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Sangat Ji, heres another blog which is updated with the Gurmat Parchar Samelan Pictures!

I assure you, this pictures are amazingly fantastic.It covers the whole Samelan ground,where you want its there!Have a go.Heres the Punj Pyarey for the Amrit Sanchar.

Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Here are some links to some interesting Audios.Firstly its Giani Mahinder Singh Jis Keertans.

Below is a link which was posted by someone on Tapoban Forum.Its about Sarbloh Bebek.Have a hear, its interesting.

Hope you guys enjoy.Later we are going to Gurdwara theres program.Then later maybe,Im going for some meeting.See if plan turns out.Gurkirpa.Thats all.

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Friday, February 23, 2007

More of Samelan Pictures!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Sangat Ji,heres more of the Samelan pictures.Please feel free to download theZipped file fromt he post before.Here are some pictures which i think are nice and meaning full.ENJOY!

Niketan Jatha-Last IPS for the Samelan.Was AMAZING!

Some jatha drew this.Good info!

Phenji Hardep Kaur from Jatha 5-First time wearing dastar!

Babaji giving comments on each Jatha that presented!

HOW THIS CAME HERE!!LOL this aint our jatha man!kekeke

5 Singh Ardas for the launching of the Baba Buddha Ji Akhara Dal

The judges for the presentation

Khalsa Baby-Sukhjinder Singh,Vicky Veerjis Son

Nihang Amrishan Singh..

"You do that right!, Ill do this"..haha

Khalsa Ji

Paro Phenji@Nimarta Bibi and Harry Veerji, doing gatka

Uncle Sukhdev Singh,right?Hes our chef.He cooked all the food,then theres Muslu@Mhd Rafi,LOL

IPS on Second last day.Topic>NAAM!

Phenji Harminder trying to wash the Chaur Sahib.JATHA 4 ROCKS!

"This is how you manjh your sarbloh shasters!"-Harwinder SIngh

Jasvin Phenji and Bilu Veerji

LOL I find this picture funny no idea why,Sorry Lakhy Veerji!!

Jasbir Veerji, Jaspal Veerji and Amrishan, three great people:)

Amritwela Simran by Jasdev Veerji was HAVOC

This is our jatha,Jatha 4, LONG LIVE BTF!!

This are all the great people doing sewa of the sangat!

Ravinder Veerji, showing our jatha on how Jodiyia sewa is done

LOL,this guy mixes Haldi dudh every night and puts it on his face!

LOL, I cant stop laughing all this funny pictures.Well hope you enjoyed em.Theres more in the zipped file.Do download it.Yes here are a few sites which will be loading the pictures.

If anyone wana read more about the Samelan go to Singh84 blogspot.He has written an entry.REALLY LONG ONE! Ill write about my own experiance,but not now.Please fell free to comment on anything.Thats all folks.Dont forget,Sant-Sipahi Camp 2007 at Cameron Highlands.Details are on the side bar under upcoming programs.

Take care all.
Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Gurmat Parchar Samelan Pictures

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Sangat ji,heres the Zipped file for the Gurmat Parchar Samelan 07.In order to open this file, you need Winzip.Im sure theres free download somewhere so please do download.

Gurmat Parchar Samelan Pictures-right click and "Save Target As"

Hope everyone enjoys the pictures.Its kinda boring tho.LOL.

Take Care
Bhul Chuk Maaf.
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Keertan and Katha-Gurmat Parchar Samelan 2007

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Sangat Ji, heres the keertan and katha files from the Samelan held at Batu Gajah.Please try downloading them and play them in Real Player.I dont know why it doesnt play in Windows Media Player.Hope everyone enjoys.Please try to help me of anyone can.Again, these audios play only in Real Player.

Baba Darshan Singh Ji-Katha on the 5 Jathas

Bhai Jasdev Singh Ji-Amritwela Simran

Bhai Sahib Mahabeer SIngh Ji on Darbar Sahib Maryada and Sewa

Bibi Rangleen Kaur,Katha Bhai Sharanjit Singh Ji

Giani Mahinder Singh Khalsa Ji-Recomanded

Gurpuri Jatha

Gurpuri Jatha,Katha Bhai Sahib Mahabeer Singh Ji

Niketan Jatha,Katha Bhai Sharanjit Singh Ji

Bhai Charanbir Singh-Ending

Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Samelan Keertan and Katha

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Sangat Ji,I really need help.Well the audios that are recorded are in WAVE file and would like to change it into MP3 format.Iv downloaded Adobe Audio something LOL.THe thing is iv changed it into MP3 , it plays.But when i put upload it to the net you cant play it with Windows Media Player, but can with Real Player.So what you guys think? Should i just go ahead with uploading it and sangat opens it with Real Player or are there any other software that can be used to edit the files?The mssg that apears when i play at the WMP is invalid input?

The pictures will be available sooner.Im uploading em now.You need Winzip to open this file.The videos files will also be available.So please wait.LOL.

Thats all.Hope theres some reply for ma HELP here.
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gurmat Parchar Samelan 2007-Niketan Foundation at Batu Gajah Gurdwara

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

As promised,Im gona put up some selected pictures from the Samelan.These pictures should be put up as some of these are the people who planed the Samelan and made it a succesful one.

Harjinder Veerji(KU)

Deeraj Veerji

Rasvinder Singh and Darpan Phenji

Bhag Peri Phenji @ Brahmgiani ahah

Spike and Nirmal Singh

Bhai Sahib Mahabeer Singh Ji and Gurpuri Jatha

Jasvinder Phenji during Chaur Sahib sewa(HOW YOU DO IT!)

Sandep and Jessy Veerji

Laky Veerji(S'pore), Vicky veerjis bro and Amrishan Singh,Manjing the Batey one day before Amrit Sanchar

Giani Mihinder Singh Khalsa Ji and Jatha

Gurpuri Giani Ji, Vicky Veerji and Baba Darshan Singh Ji

Mata Ji from Pusing Gurdwara

Bhai Sahib Mahabeer Singh JI

Sher Veerji

Harwin and Ravinder Veerji

Guroo Maharaj Darbar

Charanbir Veerji and Sandeep Veerji

Jaspal Veerji and Jasbir Veerji(Penang wale) keke

Thats all for today, ill post more tomorrow if i can.Its been busy and boring since the Samelan finished:(.Please make the Samelan longer next time.

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

WASSUP !!ahaha..
Ne ways, I'm back home.Its been a really nice and Wicked weekend you may say, even though its for 5 days.It was really nice.Seriously those who missed it,YOU MISSED THE FUN!

Meet alot of new friends, and became Leftanan for the Bhandrinwale Tiger Force!.It was about Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Manocahal.What i got to know about Baba Ji was, his nitnem was long, really long and he does 5 Sukhmani Sahib everyday without fail, in wars or not!Waheguroo, morakh like me ahaha, hardly even do any extra Banis.Oh and yea, another information that we got to know was, Baba Ji wasn't poisoned to death.All this are lies.We asked a Singh who was with Baba Ji who stayed with him and all.

Well samelan was really fun.Baba Darshan Singh Ji came down.WOHO! I tell you, hes a really funny and nice person.I love him when he laughs!Niketan had Amrit Sanchar with Guroo Kirpa!and about 50 people took em(Please correct me if I'm wrong).

The parchar was really good.They had some Veerjis talked about thier past and how they came into Sikhi which i think was a really good idea!The food was wicked!A lot of Gurmat was preached.Not like some samelans where Bhangra and other stuffs go on.

Giani Minder Singh Khalsa Ji also came and gave darshan to us.I tell you, his IPS at night was WOW!!!It was like Puratan times where everyone sang, the tunes were Puratan one and allot more about him!

YES!! I'm sure allot of you out there are waiting for the pictures and Keertan.The thing is we have recorded some videos to.I have to apologise really, cause my camera battery is out and i need to charge it before i can put it on the computer.

Any how, I got to go now.Dont wanna be online to much do we.Ill write a better entry next time.Take care all.

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Here We Go!!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

AH!! Its the day!!The day we are leaving for the samelan!

Its been really weird today,REALLY!Know why?

  1. I woke up in the morning, seeing ma mom cant sleep and started doing her Sehaj Path.
  2. Everything seems to be so early, even the birds woke up early with their sounds.
  3. I was really feeling that all the path i was doing was so so so so so slow, but enjoying.

Actually we have some plan changes.We we supposed to leave at 10am? Now we are moving at 1.30pm cause Rasvinder said something, which i didnt understand.It was something to do with his grandmother cant go if we go early??(Sorry, I am slow!)

Anyway, jut finished packing.Im taking 1 luggage beg, 1 pack beg and one hand beg,LOL!(Not the ladies one right!).It seems alot, but well, I have a small luggage beg so thats the thing.My amrit sanchar Bana is ok, its like see thru thing you know.Thats bad! and Rasvinders Bana was expensive, RM 100 you know,cause there were allot of cutting and stitching.The tailor said, she used 5 bundles of thread to sew just the side(I dont know what they call that, the one where it has 6 and more cuttings).

Oh well, thats nothing.Anyhow, thats all for today.Will keep you guys updated once I reach home from samelan!Take care all!

Bhul Chuk Maaf

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

P.S.If i dont reply for a really long time, that means im no more here:)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Death Time Comes..

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Yesterday, myself and my grandparents went to visit a man, my grandfather's friend who was very ill and is on oxygen and drips.He could talk , but very weak.Anyhow, he was talking about death and etc. according to his wife.When ever he feels uneasy on God knows what, he starts saying hes gona go and etc.

Anyway, I was thinking, why is he wasting his time with all this crap.He was talking about his mother, remembering her and all.Old people have this habit of "Hai, Hai", trust me they would go on and on for days if they want to.I heard once, it seems it would make them feel better.WHAT CRAP!

If they use Waheguroo instead of Hai, they would at least gain something.Its really a waste of time.I remember Bhai Rama Singh Jis story where he thought he was gona die and told the family to leave him alone, so that his end moments would be on Simran of Waheguroo.

It really made me remember about death.I was laughing within myself.LOL.WHY?? cause i wanted to tell uncle ji dont waste your time, its already time for you to go, do something good.Seriously theres no Bani going on and etc.They should at least on some Path.Oh well,who am I anyway, just a Kokar:)

Yes, another thing, below is a link which was forwarded by someone. Its a the story being narrated by Bhai Jeevan Singh Ji. To start off he talks about what one should do if they see someone dying.

Take your time and hear this.If anyone knows any other katha of Bhai Jeevan Singh Ji or Giani Tahkur Singh Ji, please let me know.I mean nice ones, cause im to lazy to download all.LOL.

Tomorrow is the day!!BATU GAJAH HERE WE COME!!!
We will be leaving at10am, so that we can go for Dastar Shopping,LOL.I need to buy some dark blue dastars to.Need to pack ma beg and bath the dogs and alot more.Oh yea, pick up Rasvins Bana and mine , gona get it in the evening.

Well thats all, ill see if i have anytime to blog before leaving.If i dont,SEE YOU GUYS ON TUESDAY!

Take Care All
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine!!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Today, its 14 February , and as usual every year, it marks Valentines day.We celebrate it with our loving family, our partners and friends.

I was thinking of doing something this year for Guroo Sahib, as Hes the only person who loves us and we love him.So i thought, if it would be ok for everyone of us, just to do at least 1 JapJi Sahib and 1 Caupi Sahib, to get ourselves to Guroo Ji and to Thank him for all we have today.

I totally forgot it was Valentine until i read Rashvin Phenjis blog.If I know earlier, would had tried to have Guroo Jis early morning Darshan.So stupid aint it, Gurdwara near but dont go and have Guroo Jis Darshan.Haiz..

Anyhow,..LEFT 1 DAY TILL SAMELAN STARTS!!CANT WAIT!!.Well thats all for today!Will keep updated!Heres a lil poem i would like to share.I made this up so please forgive me.

Dear Guroo Ram Das Ji, I Love You.
I thank you for loving me,
When I Forgot You,
When I became a Bemukh,
You were always Loving, Oh Guroo.

Guroo Ram Das Ji,
You have blessed me so much,
House,Family,Education and a Happy Life,
I never Thanked You for all this,
but instead, asked for more.

Guroo Ram Das Ji,
I thank You for Your blessings,
I thank You for my Healthy Life,
I thank You for Your mercy,
and I thank You For always being at my Site,
When Hardship and No one was there....

I Love You!

Bhulay Marag Jiney Betayia,Aesah Gur Vadhbhagi Paya

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Amazing Weekend!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Its been really and amazing weekend, with keertan sangat sewa.Its been Guroo Jis great blessing to have all this in a few days.

Friday was Sharenjit Kaur Phenjis birthday Jodhmela, so we went there to do Keertan at Police Gurdwara.It was really HAVOC!

Then saturday, the Kuala Lumpur Veerjis came and gave a surprise to Jasbir Veerji.Then had keertan program at Veerjis house.That was another HAVOC moments!

Sadh Sangat Key Asrey , Prabh Sio Rang Lae

Then on Sunday morning, we went to Jaspal Veerjis house and had Asa Ki War there.It was really nice.Then after that, we went to Wada Gurdwara Penang to do keertan.It was someones Bhog.

It was really amazing week.Hope Guroo Ji would always bless everyone with Sangat!Its really hard to get Sangat in this Kaljug, but thru Ardas , sure everything can be achieved.

Its gona be A HAVOC samelan!Seriously!!Everyone who can make it PLEASE MAKE IT!!
Thats all for now, will keep updated.Its kinda hard to run a Blog seriously, but ll try to update everyone:)

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Friday, February 9, 2007

The American(Gora) Baby!!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!!

How ya all!? Hope everything is going on well for you people out there.Im really excited , cant wait for the Amrit Sanchar!

Any way, someone reminded me about the American baby story which I was suppose to share but didnt.Thank to who ever it was.Any how, heres the story.

Well, the other day at the Penang Keertan Darbar, there we few tourist at the Gurdwara.Well to be more precise , 2 white couple one with kids.I saw the small kid and she was really adorable and cute(Didn't know it was a SHE until I asked her mom).So I told Nasseb Phenji, how I would really wana hold that baby and just talk to her, I felt some bonding with her.Then, we forgot everything about it, and just went to out pangat spot and ate.

As I finished first, so I was sharing some stories with Naseb Phenji.From no where...CHA!!!, she came to us.We were the first person she talked to, and that too hidden at the back of the walls.Shockingly, she was playing with me, looking into my eyes.I was like , Hey Guroo Sahib, does she has to do something with me in my past life, cause from no where, she just came and played with me.Everyone was stunt.So well, I played with her a lil.Then her parents wanted to go upstairs into Darbar Sahib and have Guroo Jis Darshan.

So I accompanied them and gave them rumal for the guy and dupata for the lady.The man asked,"Is it ok for the kids to go up?"I was like yea , why not, its for everyone.Then he replied"Oh no, cause they dont have head gears!".Now just look at that,our own Punjabis dont bother if our children cover their head to Darbar Sahib, but this man was really humble and nice.Maharaj kirpa karan.

SO before going up to the Darbar Sahib, I did a lil sewa for the baby, took off her shoes.That the lest I could do to thank her and God knows.We went up stairs, and I explained to them what Guroo Sahib was all about and Sikhi.Seriously, I told that Mother that how lucky they are to come and bow down to Guroo Sahib, as some of the past karma are erased by just doing Matha Takena(Bhai Rama Singh Jis book).She was like of ok.

Then they came down, and was ready to go home.I just told them if you would like to learn more go and see the our American Sikhs, they are good too.She was like oh ok.Thanks.So then i said Bye to lil phenji and they went home.I wanted to take picture with them, but i thought oh well, in past karma they we with me or something, this joon we had to finish it.So just forget about taking pictures.I would really love to share this beautiful family picture, but i didnt take any.

Oh another thing was, when Sukhinderpal Veerji was talking to them, about Bujer Kurehat, when veerji said we cant take intoxication, the Father said I dont drink and smoke!What about that??A gora not smoking and drinking.Our Punjabis are worst!My dads a drinker, so ....ahaha.

Well thats all.I would really love to meet my lil phenji again some day.Hope shes grown up and have a great future, or maybe better, a Sikh:)

Thats all for now.Theres gona be a program at Police Gurdwara today.So we are going there.Ill record the keertan and maybe some picture.

Ok then jio.Hope it was interesting, i personally think it is.
Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bana For A Day

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Bana is a Sikh uniform. Common colors of Bana are blue, black, white and yellow or orange. There are other colors which are also worn but above are the most popular colors.

I always wanted to wear a Bana, and I got the inspiration from Gursikhs who wear them. The BIG difference between me and those Gursikhs are their Banis and Rehat. I’m still new and still have a long way go until I think Bana is ready for me .I used to feel comfortable in Bana as its loose and it really looks beautiful on any one who wears it.

I want to share this story with everyone .Its about me wearing Bana for the whole day.I used to think that I could and can do it, wearing Bana in public .This attempt was not planed, but happened unexpectedly.

On the Amritwela day, I wore the Bana (Nihung one) , which was white in color with a churidar pajama and blue kamarkasa .I wore a blue dumalla, with a Khanda and white Gatra with a chained Kirpan. I was not hesitant to wear it to Gurdwara, as we are used to it.After the program, there was another Keertan Darbar in Penang and I thought, why not just and do sat sangat.So we went there.

After the program, we planned to visit our Mata Ji, Mata Harjinder Kaur, which is our beloved Jasbir Singh Veerjis mother. Mata Ji was not feeling well, so we thought right LETS GO!!

I was excited to go cause I didn’t meet Mata Ji and was really looking forward to surprise her.. ahaha. Well everything was fine, UNTILLL...I realized I was wearing Bana .LOL.I was really petrified as I didn’t know what to do .I had a blue kamarkasa around me. Tying my gatra around it would still be the same .I also brought my Hazooriya along. So, just hide my Kirpan with the hazoriya. I was really still shy, because I was wearing a Khanda on the Dumalla. I was telling Phenji Rajvin how I was feeling, and think I should take it off. She was like,no..just leave it looks fine. SO I took her words and kept the Khanda on.

As I walked into the hospital corridors, Waheguroo, I was the attention. Everyone walking pass was looking at me, thinking what the hack he’s wearing .AHAHA!! Then the phenjis were like look people are looking at you and I was like leave them alone .I was busy asking Guroo Ji to be Ang Sang, I was really really shy.I didn’t like people looking at me.

God . It was hysterics. People looking at you, as you’ve done some crime .Bare in mind, in our place here, there hasn’t been anyone who wears Bana full time or in public .So you can imagine what it would be like.

Well, after this day, I was really stunt to know how Gursikhs leaving abroad who wear Bana full time go thru all this. It was really an experience and I wouldn’t forget this day .It has made my confidence more stronger and Maharaj Kirpa Karan, Bana Di Dat Bakshey.

That’s all, thought would like to share this with everyone .BUT! One thing iv learned that is, wearing Bana means your hauling Guroo Jis image and your insight should be strong .More Baniyia , Amritwela , Sewa and humbleness is required.

I hope my experience would be some eye opener to some who wana wear Bana .I really wana wear it, but for now, Guroo Sahib knows its not the right time. Hope some day, before I leave this world, I would get the chance to wear Bana.

Bhul Chuk Maaf Ji
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!
P.S.The pictures are example of a few people I know that wear Bana full time.First picture is Bhai Swaran Singh Ji,Bhai Raghbir Singh Ji , Bhai Jarnail Singh Ji at the Irish Airport.Second picture is Bhai Pritipal Singh Ji.