Monday, April 30, 2007


Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!!

HELLOO SANGAT JI!! lol right im been over excited really.Its been 2 weeks since iv return home because im doin my diploma in Medical Lab Tech in Mahsa Bangsar , Kuala Lumpur and iv been stayin in a hostel.

Oh god what can i say, hostel life is BORIN! there isnt anythin to do.Its just so so borin.But thank God theres Vidyala near by and i might start goin to the nearby Gurdwara with other punjabis.It would benefit us all.

Any ways, theres been alot of even that was held since i was in Kuala Lumpur.There was Amrit Sanchat, Akhand Paths, Keertan programs all around.Its amazin really.

The other day, we had Vaisahki celebration and they had rotiyia makin competition and i took part in the event.LOL. This is so funny man.Well i think there was about 6 of the guys and all made thier rotiyia.It was real fun for me ahaha.Really enjoy the programs, and yea not to be egoistic but me won the competition LOL because....I cook rotiyia at our local gurdwara and at home ahaha.SO it was kinda unfair for the other guys.If we dont count me in, Harjinder veerji should had won the competition really his rotiyia was soft try postin the pictures here.

Home sweet home really!Iv been missin home made food cause for the past 2 weeks iv been eatin only Bihun and Keaw teow and made ma own vege sandwich lol and i was feel bored with the food too.Ne ways, when i get back to the hostel we would order for gas and start cookin rotiyia and dhal:>.

Well iv taken some pictures would post them on the next post.Im really sorry for not postin for such a long time due to the fact its hard to find a cyber cafe here and theres no PC at the hostel.Well, that all for now, im been really talkin alot lol.Bye

Bhul CHuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Out For Studies!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Wassup all!Hm..right ne ways ahah..Im going to go to Kuala Lumpur and imgona be there for 3 years, cause im gona be studyin there.WHOOO HOOO!! Well im gona do ma diploma in Medical Lab Technology which is in Mahsa.So now i dont know if i would blog more often or not, but i sure will be bloggin not just that often.

Im going on 2.30pm bus today.Then im gona go to Vidyala(Niketan) cause theres gona be Amrit Sanchar there and im gona take some pictures and theres more program which im gona take more picture LOL. Anyways, see you guys very soon.Ill let you all know how im doin once i get there.Classes startin this Monday.So gota register!

To all Gursikhs Gurmukh Pyarey! Vasahki Diyia Vadanyia Jio! May Guroo Sahib bless everyone with Gursikhi jevan, Naam , Bani Bana and AMritwela!So thats all for now.Tc

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Up Comin program ji.Theres gona be a Akhand Keertan Samagam in Gurdwara Sahib Kampar.Details are below

Date : 27 April 2007
Time : 6.30pm to 12am
Venue: Gurdwara Sahib Kampar

All those who could please attend, please come and join the Sangat Jio.Below is the poster,which i took with ma handphone camera lol.

See you all there.Gurkirpa will try to make it.
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!
P.S.The poster is wicked:>

Sutera and Guroo Hargobind Sahib Ji

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

I was havin really hard time thinking on a topic to write. So this sahki came in mind. This sahki was told to us by Baba Ji in his room.

Ne ways heres the sahki.Sutera was a Gursikh during Guroo Hargobind Sahib Ji.He lived on up to the 10th Nanak, Guroo Gobind Singh Ji.He was a very masti Gursikh.He was abandon by his parents when he was small at Guroo Sahib door due to some disease.

So heres the sahki.One day, a sikh was doin his Nitnem.It was Rehras path.The line came "Gaven Tudnu Pavan Pani Basenter Gaveh Raja Dhram Duarey" and Sutera was there.He said somethin which I dont really recall and the sikh was angry. He was thinkin it was wrong to talk when someone is doin path and this guy is distractin me. So, he thought lets tell this to Guroo Sahib and Sutera would be punished.Guroo Sahib loved Sutera alot.So when they went to see Guroo Sahib, Guroo Sahib asked Sutera" Why did you disturb the Gursikh when he was doin his path, you distracted him?".Then Sutera gave this answer.” If he was readin gurbani with concentration, my word would distract him". His words made Guroo Sahib smile and it made sense.When one is readin gurbani, concentration should be on Gurbani.

The second sahki was this.One day, seein the love between Guroo Sahib and Sutera, a sikh got jealous. He thought, today im not gona let this guy pass thru the guards.SO when Sutera was to go into the Darbar Sahib, the guards said," You dont have the Guroo permission to enter the Darbar Sahib!”Hearin this, he tried snikin in, but was to vain.So he already know that Guroo Sahib wouldnt do that its the guards.So he played a very good scene i may say.HAHAH.He got a cloth, added some stones in em and tied them and carried em on his head.When he came to the guard, they said the same thing.He then replied," Oi cant you see, im carryin gold coins for Guroo.It offered by some one".Hearin this, the guards thought twice and let him in.When he was in, he put down those beg and in front of Guroo Sahib, did parkarma and did matha thek.The all knowin Guroo was so stunt.Guroo Ji asked Sutera," Hey Sutera, whats going on?You usually do my parkarma and matha thek me, but now, you doin this to the stone!?".Sutera with a smile on his face replied," Saceh Patshah, im doin this, cause if it wasnt for this usless stones, i wouldnt have your darshan!".

That was just amazin man.The sahki was very nice, aspecially when a Gursikh tell em.Im sure you can judge what kind of person Sutera was.Very lovin and mischievous, ahaha.I hope this story really gave you some lesson.It did indeed help me alot,and i hope more sahkis could be shared.

Take care all.
Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Back Home!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Wassup all! Hope everything is going on fine there!Im back home as you can see lol..It was a wonderful weekend at Cheras and at Niketan.The journey and the staying was havoc HAHA.

Our jatha did keertan at the IYC samagam.Actually I bought the cds which was sold there.Its nice.

Im really missing Baba Ji now.I had to come back on presure from home.Haiz.Hope i could have his darshan and sewa some day again.Any way heres a picture which was update at some website.Its a latest picture of Bhai Jevan Singh Ji.He looks better than the older picture.Gurkirpa.

Ill upload some picture by tomorrow.Now me got to do some stuff.See you all.Sorry for not bloging oftenly.Its really hard to update aint it?

Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!