Monday, April 26, 2010

Dhan Guroo Nanak Dev Ji...

Waheguroo ji..

Some times, we hear some mahapurash sing this darna

" Kalgia wale vargey, Na koe hoya,Na koe hona"
Personality like Guroo Gobind Singh Ji, there was none, nor will there ever be.

Guroo Gobind Singh Ji, God himself, in the form of human, gave his whole family father, mother, sons, for the sake of Akal Purahks Faauj, Bana and Qualities, but we never can do so.

There was a man in India, A very high avastha gurmukh, who had 3 sons.The elder sons marriage was confirm, but the elder son died, he did not even drop a tear, so happend to this second son.When it came to his 3rd son, he died too.At the shamsam bhumi, he was about to light the fire, but tears role down his check.A man asked, Bhai Ji, 2 of your son has died and you nvr broke down, why now? Are you attached to them???

The man answered" NO not attachment, it was just Guroo Gobind Singh ji and his 4 sons, appeared infront of me.I thought to my self,how if would feel to sacrifice 4 sons, for martydome, where there was no purpose of self gain?He was God himself indeed."

In our life, we have tried to become or atleast follow what our Guroos did, but to an extend, impossible!No one can sacrifice his time, money, honor,family and every thing possible,like GUROO GOBIND SINGH JI!

Well , Mahapurash did sing and will always sing the about darna, and I will and always willl for ever sing this darna
"Mey jeha papi koe nehi, Na koe HOYIA na koe HONA!"
A sinfull person like me, was none nor will there ever be!

Waheguroo ji..