Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Flash Backs..

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Firstly, I really have to apologies for not actively bloging.Its been really busy and will be busy for this couple of months.

Lately, Iv was thinking about my past. How I came into sikhi and what sikhi was back then. Well let me write a little on what really happen, right?

Well, it was just 2004 when Malaysia had the Aman Peace Celebration and there was a Nagar Keertan.I haven’t been to a Nagar Keertan, as I could remember. The environment was amazing. It was held by the Niketan Jatha, celebrating the 400th Prakash Dihara of Guroo Granth Sahib Ji.

Back then, I used to have interest in Gatka, but didn’t know a thing about its history and etc.So when we were there (ma cousin sister and aunty), the first thing that really attractive was Singh’s with Dumalla (It was Bhai Sahib Daljit Singh, Jarnail Veerji and some other gatkai singhs).I keep on staring at them, how they were beautifully dressed in Bana.Then was their Gatka! It was AMAZING!!I followed them for the whole Nagar Keertan.

After that, everything finished and we went home. In my short memory, I could flash back how the Singh looked.Bhai Sahibs face was really glowing. Then, the next week, we were in Kuala Lumpur again, for the Gurmat quiz. I don’t know if that was Guroo Sahibs way of bring me into Sikhi, but the quiz was havoc.

After the quiz (which our Penang State got 3rd ne ways), we were excited and lazy. BUT still we had to go to the Gurdwara.I remember they were having the "Learn Gatka in 7 days" is not mistaken. I really wanted to join em, but unfortunately, couldn’t cause we were staying far far away HAHA.So then, after paying respect to Guroo Sahib, we went down. In the langgar hall were some singhs and singhnia, practicing gatka.Amang em all, there was this singh, dress in Bana and with a beautiful dumalla.I was really amazed. I couldn’t keep my eyes of that singh, he was playing gatka and was havoc.

So then, that was my starting point of Sikhi.When I came back, I tried tying a dumalla, and I started doing Nitnem.Even though I should say, Sikhi that moment was different from now, cause your new and you tend to get excited with things.I was really strict with thing. At that moment, was my turning point. I enjoyed spiritually allot and my sangat changed.

But then, as months and days pass by, you tend to get distracted by Maya.Im really lost now, kekek and that’s the truth! I would really love to have that same feeling for Guroo Sahib, like how I used to have. Which was amazing.Guroo Sahib always blessed, like things which I don’t know that time, was happening to me and things which I later got to know doesn’t happen?

Guroo Sahib is simply really great and wicked.

Well that’s all I would like to share really. These are my current thoughts on Sikhi.Updates on my life, IV AT LAST MADE UP MA MIND ON WHAT TO STUDY!!!!AHAHAHA!!Told this to Rasvinder and he was shocked cause I don’t really make up ma mind ahaha.This week theres Akhand Path at the local Gurdwara.Then next week, were are heading to Cheras for the Cheras Vasahki Samagam.

Again sorry for not updating because imp currently really really busy with somethings here. Well take care all.

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!


Anonymous said...

atleast you know now that.....sikhi is not ALL about wearing BIG dumalley and Cholay...these are just physical rehit.....what is the use of physical rehit if INTERNAL rehit is not there? Keep the guroo guroo pumping yo Pally Baba!

Palvin said...

gurfateh ji
physical and internal rehat are both important.if physical rehat is not important, then kakars arent.Is that what u mean?

Guroo sahib have importnce to both not just one.

Anonymous said...

let me RE-PRASE what I said above jee!and read SLOWLY this time:
what is the use of physical(external) rehit if INTERNAL rehit is not there?
got it? :P...

you said,
Guroo sahib have importnce to both not just one.
Read Gurbanee.....what does Guru Sahib Stress on????....
Purpose of EXTERNAL rehit is to protect our "INTERNAL rehit"!
When INternal rehit is not there what is the use of EXTERNAL rehit?...thats what i meant...guroo guroo..keep it pumping!

Palvin said...

Gurfateh Ji Veerji

If you say read gurbani, Maharaj gives importance to naam,amriwela and etc.

What i meant was internal and external rehat are both important.Iv asked a high avastha Gursikh about bana and its importance,and guess what all are important.Guroo Sahib is happy if one has both.

Its true that internal is important.Now dont tell me if i dont do simran and amritwela i cant wear my kakars or dastar?Cause thats external?right????

Anyway as you said veerji,
Purpose of EXTERNAL rehit is to protect our "INTERNAL rehit"!
You yourself gave the answer to your comments:).

Anyway both internal and external rehat is important,cause its always Guroo sahibs happines that we are craving for not ours.

Bhul Chuk Maaf Ji
Gurfateh Ji

Anonymous said...

Gurfateh ji pyareoo

WAH DHAN SIKHI! well veerji/pheenji, whoever u are mr. anon, its clear u have hatred for palvinder veerji n u have sumthin personal..otherwise WHO are u to point at his weakness??? if he wears a big dhumalla or cholaa, where do u feel the pain? im sorry to say this but im not supporting any1 coz ur arguements on external and internal rehit is FALSE...rehit IS REHIT no matter wht..everything said in rehitnama n certain parts of other sources IS REHIT.Theres NO such thing as internal rehit is meant to protect external rehit ..coz rehit is panj pyarey tell u when u take amrit tht this is internal n that is external rehit??? BOTH is important and its all juz ONE and juz becoz u may know sumthin personal bout veerji, u do not have any RIGHTS to publicise tht...Even Guruji covers Hi's Sikhs faults and weakness..APNEY JAN KA PARDA TAKEY..then who are u to uncover his personal life no matter how gud or bad he is?? YES bani and amritwela n bandagi naam simran are the pillars of sikhee but so is humility..n ur statement shows so much humility tht i cant bear it..wah!

ALl palvinder veerji did was to share his story of coming into sikhi n u have bombarded him with such a rude u deem urself to be perfect? wll maharaj says in sukhmani tht avar updesey aap na karey , awat jawat janam marey!
juz wanted to make stuff clear. im not supporting any1 besides the TRUTH. plus, when hez makin an effort to share sumthin good , why are u taking out such smelly, rude n blatantly foolish stuff? be positive n u'll see positivity..!

any further arguements juz bring it on in a proper manner.
GURFATEH jee pyareo!

gupt daasan daas.

Anonymous said...

correction of pangtee..
awaat jawat janmey marey!**

Anonymous said...

Hanjeo ur last post u got my point!
To Rasvin singh,
Was I talking to u?

Anonymous said...

gurfateh, huh? since when im in this la?? palvin explain!!n who are u anon??? lol :S

-rasvinder singh-

Anonymous said...
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