Friday, February 9, 2007

The American(Gora) Baby!!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!!

How ya all!? Hope everything is going on well for you people out there.Im really excited , cant wait for the Amrit Sanchar!

Any way, someone reminded me about the American baby story which I was suppose to share but didnt.Thank to who ever it was.Any how, heres the story.

Well, the other day at the Penang Keertan Darbar, there we few tourist at the Gurdwara.Well to be more precise , 2 white couple one with kids.I saw the small kid and she was really adorable and cute(Didn't know it was a SHE until I asked her mom).So I told Nasseb Phenji, how I would really wana hold that baby and just talk to her, I felt some bonding with her.Then, we forgot everything about it, and just went to out pangat spot and ate.

As I finished first, so I was sharing some stories with Naseb Phenji.From no where...CHA!!!, she came to us.We were the first person she talked to, and that too hidden at the back of the walls.Shockingly, she was playing with me, looking into my eyes.I was like , Hey Guroo Sahib, does she has to do something with me in my past life, cause from no where, she just came and played with me.Everyone was stunt.So well, I played with her a lil.Then her parents wanted to go upstairs into Darbar Sahib and have Guroo Jis Darshan.

So I accompanied them and gave them rumal for the guy and dupata for the lady.The man asked,"Is it ok for the kids to go up?"I was like yea , why not, its for everyone.Then he replied"Oh no, cause they dont have head gears!".Now just look at that,our own Punjabis dont bother if our children cover their head to Darbar Sahib, but this man was really humble and nice.Maharaj kirpa karan.

SO before going up to the Darbar Sahib, I did a lil sewa for the baby, took off her shoes.That the lest I could do to thank her and God knows.We went up stairs, and I explained to them what Guroo Sahib was all about and Sikhi.Seriously, I told that Mother that how lucky they are to come and bow down to Guroo Sahib, as some of the past karma are erased by just doing Matha Takena(Bhai Rama Singh Jis book).She was like of ok.

Then they came down, and was ready to go home.I just told them if you would like to learn more go and see the our American Sikhs, they are good too.She was like oh ok.Thanks.So then i said Bye to lil phenji and they went home.I wanted to take picture with them, but i thought oh well, in past karma they we with me or something, this joon we had to finish it.So just forget about taking pictures.I would really love to share this beautiful family picture, but i didnt take any.

Oh another thing was, when Sukhinderpal Veerji was talking to them, about Bujer Kurehat, when veerji said we cant take intoxication, the Father said I dont drink and smoke!What about that??A gora not smoking and drinking.Our Punjabis are worst!My dads a drinker, so ....ahaha.

Well thats all.I would really love to meet my lil phenji again some day.Hope shes grown up and have a great future, or maybe better, a Sikh:)

Thats all for now.Theres gona be a program at Police Gurdwara today.So we are going there.Ill record the keertan and maybe some picture.

Ok then jio.Hope it was interesting, i personally think it is.
Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Nice story.

What's the "Police Gurdwara Sahib"? A Gurdwara Sahib in a police station or a Gurdwara Sahib run by police people? Just curious :)

Palvin said...

Oh ahah..its a Gurdwara Sahib Veerji.

Its called, Gurdwara Sahib Police Penang, its in a Police Station, was build by Police Sikh mens in the old days.

Glad you liked the story!