Friday, February 23, 2007

More of Samelan Pictures!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Sangat Ji,heres more of the Samelan pictures.Please feel free to download theZipped file fromt he post before.Here are some pictures which i think are nice and meaning full.ENJOY!

Niketan Jatha-Last IPS for the Samelan.Was AMAZING!

Some jatha drew this.Good info!

Phenji Hardep Kaur from Jatha 5-First time wearing dastar!

Babaji giving comments on each Jatha that presented!

HOW THIS CAME HERE!!LOL this aint our jatha man!kekeke

5 Singh Ardas for the launching of the Baba Buddha Ji Akhara Dal

The judges for the presentation

Khalsa Baby-Sukhjinder Singh,Vicky Veerjis Son

Nihang Amrishan Singh..

"You do that right!, Ill do this"..haha

Khalsa Ji

Paro Phenji@Nimarta Bibi and Harry Veerji, doing gatka

Uncle Sukhdev Singh,right?Hes our chef.He cooked all the food,then theres Muslu@Mhd Rafi,LOL

IPS on Second last day.Topic>NAAM!

Phenji Harminder trying to wash the Chaur Sahib.JATHA 4 ROCKS!

"This is how you manjh your sarbloh shasters!"-Harwinder SIngh

Jasvin Phenji and Bilu Veerji

LOL I find this picture funny no idea why,Sorry Lakhy Veerji!!

Jasbir Veerji, Jaspal Veerji and Amrishan, three great people:)

Amritwela Simran by Jasdev Veerji was HAVOC

This is our jatha,Jatha 4, LONG LIVE BTF!!

This are all the great people doing sewa of the sangat!

Ravinder Veerji, showing our jatha on how Jodiyia sewa is done

LOL,this guy mixes Haldi dudh every night and puts it on his face!

LOL, I cant stop laughing all this funny pictures.Well hope you enjoyed em.Theres more in the zipped file.Do download it.Yes here are a few sites which will be loading the pictures.

If anyone wana read more about the Samelan go to Singh84 blogspot.He has written an entry.REALLY LONG ONE! Ill write about my own experiance,but not now.Please fell free to comment on anything.Thats all folks.Dont forget,Sant-Sipahi Camp 2007 at Cameron Highlands.Details are on the side bar under upcoming programs.

Take care all.
Bhul Chuk Maaf
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!


Anonymous said...

veerji, wheres ur picture>?? cant seem to find any? lol

Palvin said...

Anon Ji,this pictures are taken from my camera.Some other Singh helped in taking pictures i took lil.

I dont have any picture of me for now.LOL.We just have to wait and see if i really wana put it up.I dont see why its an good idea to put ma face kekek.Any good reason jio??

prabhjoth said...

where is myphotos ha.prabhjoth who took amrit in the samelan ground.remember palvin.u promise to send.

Palvin said...

Oh Hi there Prabhjot

Hm..let me see, should i call you tomorrow or what?How should i send the pictures!lol

prabhjoth said...

u tok my add and u forgot.

maybe u can call me and send it or send it to bye.