Thursday, February 15, 2007

Death Time Comes..

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Yesterday, myself and my grandparents went to visit a man, my grandfather's friend who was very ill and is on oxygen and drips.He could talk , but very weak.Anyhow, he was talking about death and etc. according to his wife.When ever he feels uneasy on God knows what, he starts saying hes gona go and etc.

Anyway, I was thinking, why is he wasting his time with all this crap.He was talking about his mother, remembering her and all.Old people have this habit of "Hai, Hai", trust me they would go on and on for days if they want to.I heard once, it seems it would make them feel better.WHAT CRAP!

If they use Waheguroo instead of Hai, they would at least gain something.Its really a waste of time.I remember Bhai Rama Singh Jis story where he thought he was gona die and told the family to leave him alone, so that his end moments would be on Simran of Waheguroo.

It really made me remember about death.I was laughing within myself.LOL.WHY?? cause i wanted to tell uncle ji dont waste your time, its already time for you to go, do something good.Seriously theres no Bani going on and etc.They should at least on some Path.Oh well,who am I anyway, just a Kokar:)

Yes, another thing, below is a link which was forwarded by someone. Its a the story being narrated by Bhai Jeevan Singh Ji. To start off he talks about what one should do if they see someone dying.

Take your time and hear this.If anyone knows any other katha of Bhai Jeevan Singh Ji or Giani Tahkur Singh Ji, please let me know.I mean nice ones, cause im to lazy to download all.LOL.

Tomorrow is the day!!BATU GAJAH HERE WE COME!!!
We will be leaving at10am, so that we can go for Dastar Shopping,LOL.I need to buy some dark blue dastars to.Need to pack ma beg and bath the dogs and alot more.Oh yea, pick up Rasvins Bana and mine , gona get it in the evening.

Well thats all, ill see if i have anytime to blog before leaving.If i dont,SEE YOU GUYS ON TUESDAY!

Take Care All
Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

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