Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Amazing Weekend!

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

Its been really and amazing weekend, with keertan sangat sewa.Its been Guroo Jis great blessing to have all this in a few days.

Friday was Sharenjit Kaur Phenjis birthday Jodhmela, so we went there to do Keertan at Police Gurdwara.It was really HAVOC!

Then saturday, the Kuala Lumpur Veerjis came and gave a surprise to Jasbir Veerji.Then had keertan program at Veerjis house.That was another HAVOC moments!

Sadh Sangat Key Asrey , Prabh Sio Rang Lae

Then on Sunday morning, we went to Jaspal Veerjis house and had Asa Ki War there.It was really nice.Then after that, we went to Wada Gurdwara Penang to do keertan.It was someones Bhog.

It was really amazing week.Hope Guroo Ji would always bless everyone with Sangat!Its really hard to get Sangat in this Kaljug, but thru Ardas , sure everything can be achieved.

Its gona be A HAVOC samelan!Seriously!!Everyone who can make it PLEASE MAKE IT!!
Thats all for now, will keep updated.Its kinda hard to run a Blog seriously, but ll try to update everyone:)

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!


Anonymous said...

Maharaj has used the word SADH SANGAT there.....Sadh as u know u know means sadhu...Sadh sangat means..in the company of people IN TUNE with God...it doesn't refer to the sangat of mere mortals...
Sat Sangat(or people just gathering for keertan) in the sangat is what we do at Guruduara Sahib...It means the Sangat of truth....people who are there to seek the truth.We have to understand Gurbanee well...when we are quoting it!

Palvin said...


What Iv learned from the samelan is that,when Guroo Granth Sahib Ji is there,All the sangat which is Gurbani we go thru it.Meaning, we are in sat sangat,sadh sangat and sangat.Why?Because Guroo Sahib is Sant/Baba/Brahmgian everything!

Hope i did say ne thing wrong and offended you ji.